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Glasgow PDC Customer Case Study: Poet & Editor Gerry Cambridge

It’s no exaggeration to say that Gerry Cambridge has an impressive biography.  The well-known poet and editor of ‘Dark Horse Magazine’ also boasts an award-winning portfolio of print design.  He has worked with Glasgow PDC for several years, producing beautiful pamphlets and poetry books for small publishers in Scotland.  Now well known for his typography and print design work, he has worked with small publishers including Happenstance Press, Mariscat Press, and Red Squirrel Press in London.
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What is Digital Embossing

What is Digital Embossing?

Digital embossing is a new digital printing technology which is a post print process that applies a varnish using fancy ink-jet technology.  Digital embossing means we can reduce overall energy use compared to traditional embossing, as the process doesn’t need printing plates, moulds, chemicals, or solvents and it emits no pollutants or waste. Continue reading