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Supertough Menus

Supertough, waterproof, durable menus by Glasgow Print + Design.

Save money on reprinting old, worn-out or water damaged menus.

Paper menus can be handled thousands of times, spilled on, dropped, ripped and generally abused before you have to go through the expense of reprinting them and starting the cycle all over again. At Glasgow PDC, we’ve come up with a better way to produce menus.

Introducing Supertough Menus – waterproof, toddler proof, hen party proof…we’ve tested them and they really are that durable! What’s the secret? We print the menus on a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic paper that is used across the world for ID cards, credit cards, store cards and more. Continue reading

What should you include in a business brochure?

Research has shown that people remember more when they read it in print than online, so it pays to introduce your company to potential customers with a business brochure. Unlike a flyer, it needs to offer value rather than rely on a short, sharp message. A brochure is a bigger investment than a leaflet, and gives you the opportunity to give a more in-depth view of who your company is.

Here are our top tips to make sure you get the best return on your printing budget:

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Glass Panel Printing | Glasgow PDC

At Glasgow PDC our Flat Bed Printer uses UV cured inks so there is no need for the surface we are printing on to be absorbent. This means that virtually any flat surface can be printed – including glass.

Glass Panel Printing is a challenge, not least because of the fragility of the material. This means it is not possible to tabulate prices for Glass Printing. Instead we evaluate each proposition and produce a bespoke quotation, including working with Glass Companies local to you regarding fitting where this is required. Continue reading

Posters and Banners | Promotional Items | Glasgow

Our press allows us to create colourful, full sized posters and banners with sizes up to 1600mm x 1170mm. That is the equivalent of 25 A4 sheets of paper!

We now offer stand up displays for stall designs, outdoor billboards and posters from A0 to A4! This is thanks to our new Large Format press which has made lots of new opportunities available to us.

Our New Large Format Press

Our large format press allows us to create larger images. This is useful for posters and promotional items that have larger and more detailed designs. It takes in rolls of paper, rather than the typical single sheet of paper.  This printing method allows us to print larger images that are of higher quality at a faster pace.  Our printer uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key colour black) producing some of the highest quality results available.  The best thing about our new large format press is that it allows us to print images cheaper than other methods such as screen printing.  This allows us to offer some of the best prices in Glasgow!  We are excited about our new baby and love using it. The prints we create on our new machine are simply beautiful. Our new print allows us to print:

  • Better quality images

  • Faster

  • In a more environmentally friendly way

  • Cheaper

  • Alcohol free

Come on down to our Glasgow print studio, call us on 0141 248 7083 or email us at print@glasgowpdc for high quality, fast turnaround print services.

No Joker, This Offer is Ace| Branded Playing Cards

Branded Playing Cards

At Glasgow PDC we offer our clients the very best in promotional materials, helping you to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression. Our latest offer is free branded boxes on orders of 10 or more packs of playing cards. This will allow your business to provide a constant reminder to your customers, giving them a product that is useful and has longevity.

playing cards

The playing cards are sealer varnished to ensure exceptional quality and play-ability, meeting the exacting requirements of gaming authorities worldwide. The unique material has a metallic core to prevent any possibility of show through allowing the professional touch and look with our playing cards being the standard poker card size (3.5″ x “2.5 or 89mm x 63mm). Our Packs consist of 54 cards.


gpdc cards

We are able to personalise playing cards on a single side only, keeping the reverse as the standard bsuits. Alternatively your playing cards can be fully personalised on both sides, allowing a reinvention of a classic card game or a completely new game entirely. As standard our playing cards are supplied in a plain white box, but our current offer gives you free branded boxes on orders of 10 or more packs of playing cards.

Why not get in touch with our design team today to see what would suit (pun intended) your business.

Who needs Print? Digital is the future! Think again.

Since the sprint towards social media and the digital revolution is there still a place for print?

Why Print?

The birth and growth of online shopping and advertising sparked talk that it was the beginning of the end for high street clothing shops, but years on and it’s not the case. Similarly, digital isn’t going to wipe out print just yet! Every day we are being exposed to millions of messages, committing to brands (then changing just as quickly as we committed), and seeing adverts across all our social media channels. However, these can all be dismissed with a single click. Without a doubt digital advertising has revolutionised the way in which we are given information but has it saturated itself?
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