CDs and DVDs

Personalised CD and DVD Covers, inserts and Sleeves

CD and DVD Booklets

We are able to print CD and DVD Booklets on a wide variety of stocks and in a range of page counts. CD Booklets are printed 120mm Square and DVD Booklets are printed 180mm x 120mm.
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CD and DVD Sleeves

Our range of Full Colour or Spot Colour CD and DVD Products printed on 450gm Triple Coated Matt Art Card are the perfect product to package multimedia presentations, music CD’s or software.
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CD & DVD Inlays

Inlay Trays are 150mm x 118mm flat size and designed to fit in a standard Jewel case. They are printed on 150gm Gloss Art paper and perforated twice. They can be printed single or double sided.
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CD & DVD Inserts

CD Inserts are 120mm square. DVD Inserts are 273mm x 182mm. They can be printed on a variety of stocks, either Single or Double sided.
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