Supertough Menus

Supertough, waterproof, durable menus by Glasgow Print + Design.

Save money on reprinting old, worn-out or water damaged menus.

Paper menus can be handled thousands of times, spilled on, dropped, ripped and generally abused before you have to go through the expense of reprinting them and starting the cycle all over again. At Glasgow PDC, we’ve come up with a better way to produce menus.

Introducing Supertough Menus – waterproof, toddler proof, hen party proof…we’ve tested them and they really are that durable! What’s the secret? We print the menus on a recyclable and non-toxic synthetic paper that is used across the world for ID cards, credit cards, store cards and more.

The reason it’s chosen for ID badges is its durability. It can handle a lot of colours and details, like barcodes and QR codes, and the print work will not scratch or rub off – making it the ideal choice for things that are handled a lot – like hotel door hangers, Membership cards and, of course, menus.

Our supertough menus are:


Our Supertough menus will resist water (cocktails, juice, sauce…or whatever else your customers throw at it) and when laminated, you can consider them pretty indestructible.

Tear Proof

The paper is extremely strong, which makes it really difficult to tear, even by a determined toddler! This means they’ll last a long, long time.

Heat Resistant

Our menus are heat resistant, perfect for outdoor menus in the sunny UK summer…or maybe more likely when hot plates land on them! The print of the menu will not run or fade even when it is exposed to different natural elements.

With Glasgow PDC, you can order from 1 to 1,000 long lasting menus. You can supply your own artwork or have it custom made by us!