Glass Panel Printing | Glasgow PDC

At Glasgow PDC our Flat Bed Printer uses UV cured inks so there is no need for the surface we are printing on to be absorbent. This means that virtually any flat surface can be printed – including glass.

Glass Panel Printing is a challenge, not least because of the fragility of the material. This means it is not possible to tabulate prices for Glass Printing. Instead we evaluate each proposition and produce a bespoke quotation, including working with Glass Companies local to you regarding fitting where this is required.

printed cub

It is important that your home has an attractive atmosphere, which can be achieved through printing photos straight on to glass in order to create a feature. Normally, these types of printed glass panels are placed in the kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be hung on the wall as a picture on glass.

The advantage of one of these glass panels in the kitchen (for example, kitchen splash backs with print) is that it is heat resistant and, therefore, not negatively affected by the heat from kitchen appliances.

We can even make holes in the glass for your sockets!


The advantage of printed glass in the bathroom (bathroom glass splash backs with print) is that you can create your own fantasy world and completely relax. Again, holes can be made in the glass for taps.

Paintings on glass give your room a new appearance, and are an original way of decorating a wall. In addition, it is possible to make holes in the glass for spacers. As with any non absorbent surface special effects are easier to create as applying solid and translucent layers of ink can give depth and definition.


So, if its a painting, splash back or door you need, why not get printed glass to turn your new addition into a feature addition? To find out more on glass panel printing click here or contact us here.