Posters and Banners | Promotional Items | Glasgow

Our press allows us to create colourful, full sized posters and banners with sizes up to 1600mm x 1170mm. That is the equivalent of 25 A4 sheets of paper!

We now offer stand up displays for stall designs, outdoor billboards and posters from A0 to A4! This is thanks to our new Large Format press which has made lots of new opportunities available to us.

Our New Large Format Press

Our large format press allows us to create larger images. This is useful for posters and promotional items that have larger and more detailed designs. It takes in rolls of paper, rather than the typical single sheet of paper.  This printing method allows us to print larger images that are of higher quality at a faster pace.  Our printer uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key colour black) producing some of the highest quality results available.  The best thing about our new large format press is that it allows us to print images cheaper than other methods such as screen printing.  This allows us to offer some of the best prices in Glasgow!  We are excited about our new baby and love using it. The prints we create on our new machine are simply beautiful. Our new print allows us to print:

  • Better quality images

  • Faster

  • In a more environmentally friendly way

  • Cheaper

  • Alcohol free

Come on down to our Glasgow print studio, call us on 0141 248 7083 or email us at print@glasgowpdc for high quality, fast turnaround print services.