Clever design.

Clever design.

November 06, 2019

You can design for digital with your eyes closed. You’ve been asked to design for print, same thing right? No! Here are some tips to give your printer a break.

1. Page numbers

This page numbering style is quirky, interesting, bold.

On screen.

But what about the binding?

Unless the publication is going to be bound so that it lies completely flat, your page numbers are going to be lost into the spine once it's opened.

Plan ahead.

2. UPPERCASE and lowercase


Was that enjoyable to read?

Did you even make it to the end?

Me neither.

3. Typefaces

Appreciating a good typeface is a big part of the job, it can set the entire tone for your final piece.

If the point is not to be haphazard and chaotic- don't overdo it.

4. Images

Be careful with your images.

Yes, that IS a very pixelated screenshot.

Know your file types!

5. Crops and bleed

The best way to give your printer crystal clear instructions. This lets them know exactly where it to be trimmed, and avoids any unwanted white borders.

6. Colour

Ever wondered why that neon green you chose printed so dull?

There are options here, but you need to speak to your printer- mixing inks is an expense!

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